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Detail from the autograph of the Cantata pastorale, 1716: Non s qual pi m'ingombra
Source: Musiksammlung der Staatsbibliothek, Berlin

Detail from the autograph score of Cantata da camera: Ombre tacite e sole, 31.10.1716
Source: British Library

Both the above cantatas are available for purchase through this site.
The Composer's Words
'I have marked ... at necessary places the louds and softs of the instruments, which are the only means of making that chiaroscuro which makes singing and playing attractive.'
(A. Scarlatti, on his opera, Il Gran Tamerlano 1706.)

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Alessandro Scarlatti
Biography of the Italian composer Alessandro Scarlatti by Rosalind Halton
Contributor: Rosalind Halton

Alessandro Scarlatti in the 21st century
Assumptions and some Facts
Contributor: Rosalind Halton

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1750)
Biography of the Italian Composer Antonio Vivaldi, predecessor of Nicola Porpora at the Venetian Ospedale
Contributor: James Sanderson

Cantate da Camera of Alessandro Scarlatti
Article featured at the Scarlatti Project
Contributor: Rosalind Halton

Domenico Scarlatti
Extracted with permission from The Grove Concise Dictionary of Music edited by Stanley Sadie Macmillan Press Ltd., London.
Contributor: James Sanderson

Editorial principles: The Scarlatti Cantatas
Principles used in Rosalind Halton's Scarlatti Editions
Contributor: Rosalind Halton

Life of the great 18th century singer
Contributor: James Sanderson

Hexachord, The
Abridged from the article in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Contributor: William Drabkin

Introduction to British Library Manuscript Add 29484
Written by the collector in the fly-leaf of this manuscript. An interesting contemporary view.
Contributor: James Sanderson

Leonardo Leo - (1694 - 1744)
James Sanderson's biography of the Neapolitan composer.
Contributor: James Sanderson

Orphans and Musicians in Venice
Denis Stevens describes a unique system of social support in 18th-century Venice that brought great economic, social and cultural benefits.
Contributor: Denis Arnold

Pietro Metastasio
Life of the 18th century poet and librettist
Contributor: James Sanderson

Porpora in England
A brief history of Porpora's time at the Opera of the Nobility in England
Contributor: James Sanderson

Researching the Cantatas of Alessandro Scarlatti
Article featured at the Scarlatti Project
Contributor: Rosalind Halton

To the Lovers of Musick
Introduction to the 1711 edition of Pepusch's 'Six English Cantatas'
Contributor: John Hughes

Tomaso Albinoni (1671 - 1751)
Short biography of a composer known mainly for his instrumental works
Contributor: James Sanderson

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