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Detail from the autograph of the Cantata pastorale, 1716: Non s qual pi m'ingombra
Source: Musiksammlung der Staatsbibliothek, Berlin

Detail from the autograph score of Cantata da camera: Ombre tacite e sole, 31.10.1716
Source: British Library

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The Composer's Words
"...where andante-lento, in a way that exludes the pathetic, but let it have an amorous beauty that doesn't lose tunefulness; And in all the arias, nothing melancholy..."

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Scarlatti, Alessandro | Please scroll down to view...

Scarlatti, Alessandro (born Palermo, 2 May 1660; died Naples, 22 October 1725)

Duetti da camera
  • Clori e Lisa: Lisa, del fuoco mio ti vu mostrar lardore
    Forces: 2 sopranos & continuo
    Dated the 28th of February, 1706, these two ladies are bemoaning the sacrifices necessary for the inevitability of love: loss of liberty and constant heart-ache... 2 duets, an aria each and gossiping recitative link this musical conversation, quite a little drama!
    Editor: James Sanderson
    Score Preview | MIDI Preview | Price: 6.95 | 

  • Clori e Mirtillo
    Forces: soprano, alto & continuo
    Source: Santini HS 3903 (with kind permission)
    A totally charming duo cantata in which Love is neither insulted nor threatened! The lovers, Clori and Mirtillo, are actually happy AND in one another's company. This of course leads to quite a lot of music - two duets and an aria each, all linked with some excellent recitative.
    Range (Clori): g - g'
    Range (Mirtillo): c - c'

    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • Floro e Tirsi (Ahi che sar di me?)
    Forces: 2 sopranos & continuo
    2nd September, 1707. A substantial work with a text concerning the pains and joys of love containing 4 duets, two arias and a single recitative.
    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • La Primavera: Clori e Lidia Compagne
    Forces: 2 sopranos & continuo
    Source: Santini Collection, 3901 Dizesan Bibliothek, Mnster.
    La Primavera depicts a scene in which two girls await the return of their lovers, Tirsi and Fileno. Spring, the melting of ice, and the return of flowers, happiness and love are the subject of the girls conversation.
    Vocal Ranges
    Clori: d- g
    Lidia: d- g

    Editor: Rosalind Halton
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • Marc Antonio e Cleopatra
    Forces: soprano, alto & continuo
    Source: MS.3901, Santini Collection of the Dizesan Library, Mnster. It is the only source of this work, which consists of chamber duets with basso continuo. One of the works, the famous 'Questo silenzio ombroso' carries the comment '1707 in Urbino'.
    This is a substantial chamber duet with recits & arias for both characters as well as two extensive duets.

    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • N non ti voglio Cupido
    Forces: soprano, alto & continuo
    The changeable attitude to love certainly makes for a bright piece of music! The opening and closing duets (to the same music) projects two different moods - 'No I don't want it' and 'Yes, I do' Separated by two recits and arias, one for each voice.
    Source: Mnster Santini Sammlung HS 865(1)

    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 6.95 | 

  • Tirsi e Clori (O come bello)
    Forces: 2 sopranos & continuo
    An early work with strophic arias sung in turn by the protagonists separated by recitative and concluding with a homophonic duet and the unaccompanied line 'com' limpido quel rio'
    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

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